Exercising While Pregnant? Prenatal Training Advice for Personal Trainers

BY JESSIE MUNDELL, POST NATAL FITNESS - Wondering whether exercising while pregnant is right for you? Or are you a personal trainer looking for information on training prenatal clients.

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Running and Pregnancy: Everything you need to know (

By TEAL BURRELL, RUNNERSWORLD.COM (JUL 13, 2018) - You’re growing a tiny human inside of you, and you feel enormous, exhausted, nauseous, and like you need to pee every five minutes. Should you lace up or rest up? How will pregnancy affect your running? Will running affect your pregnancy? Here’s what you might expect from running when you’re expecting.

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Skiing During Pregnancy? Yes or No (

BY BRAVESKIMOM (OCT 4, 2017) - As you’ve probably heard, many doctors and midwives warn against activities such as skiing, surfing, and horseback riding during pregnancy. These activities are considered “risky” because of the risk of falling. 

That said, there is a lot of evidence that a fit pregnancy is a healthier and happier pregnancy